Vehicle Inspection

Be Confident About Your Vehicle Purchase with a Full Vehicle Inspection!

Whether you're buying a new car, looking to sell an old one, or are just trying to be proactive, a Full Vehicle Inspection is always a good idea. Here at Spanos we offer an incredibly thorough vehicle inspection, where we go bumper to bumper, door to door, floor to ceiling, and check for anything that could be amiss. In addition to a full physical inspection of the vehicle, we also plug into a scanner, and read through all computer modules to check for current or previous faults.

Step 1: Initial Physical Vehicle Inspection

Upon arrival to Spanos, the vehicle is first pulled into the bay. From there our mechanics perform a full physical vehicle inspection. This includes items such as

-Physical Damage

-Window Seal Leaks

-Hanging Pieces or Wiring

-Exhaust Leaks

-Tire Life

-Brake Pad Life

-Check for any Fluid Leakage

Vehicle Inspection (Physical)

Step 2: Scanning For Codes

After the initial physical inspection is completed, an industry standard scanner is plugged in to the car, to read through all computerized systems. This can find some of the more obscure issues with vehicles, and you can avoid being caught off guard by hidden, underlying issues. Examples of items scanned include, but are not limited to:

-Engine Health (Check Engine Light, Misfires, etc.)

-ABS Systems

-Air Bag/Occupant Safety System

-Blind Spot/Parking Sensor Faults

-Lighting Systems

-TPS Monitors

-Various Internal and External Sensors

Vehicle Inspection (computer)

Step 3: Test Drive

After the previous steps are completed, and our techs have verified the drivability of the car, it is taken on a short trip down the road by the mechanic. This time is used to hear and feel anything that may be amiss in the car that can’t be picked up by a scanner, or is unable to be determined by physical inspection. Items commonly found at this stage are:

-Blown Shocks

-Damaged Control Arms, Sway Bars, Etc.

-Any Abnormal Road Noise

-Unbalanced Tires

-Poor Alignment

-Hesitation in the Transmission

-Play in the Steering

vehicle inspection (drive)

Step 4: Final Notes and Sit Down With Advisor

After all steps are completed, the mechanic compiles all notes and suggestions, and presents them to one of our Service Advisors. The Advisor will then sit down with you and give a detailed breakdown of what was found. This includes our best recommendations of what may need done to the vehicle, if anything. From there, an appointment can be set, and parts can be ordered to the the vehicle back on the road in a safe and timely manner. 

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