Upgrades and Accessories

Nowadays, cars can have quite a range of accessories and features. From back-up cameras to new radios, trunk spoilers and wheels, Spanos Motors can get the upgrades you need. Whether you're looking to add options that were available from the factory, or trying to go completely custom to fit the vision you have for your vehicle, Spanos is the place to get it done, and it get it done right! See below for some of the most common accessories and upgrades we have to offer!

Aftermarket Wheels Upgrades

Want your luxury vehicle to stand out from the crowd? Some shiny new wheels are sure to grab the attention of anyone driving past. No matter the make or model, Spanos can find the perfect wheels to match your style!

Radio and Sound System Accessories

Everyone loves music! From aftermarket head-units to speakers and subwoofers, Spanos is dedicated to improving your listening experience so that you can jam out to your heart's content!

Spoilers and Wing Upgrades

Give your car that extra sporty look by adding a trunk spoiler or wing! From low pro lip spoilers to drift wings, give your car an edge in aerodynamics and style!

Leather Upgrade

Cloth interior can be hard to maintain, and often isn't as stylish as the leather option manufacturers design. Luckily, Spanos has a solution for just that. We can completely re-skin your interior in leather, and even do custom color stitching!

Back-Up Cameras

Back-Up cameras are almost a must have on any car these days. The ability to see what is directly behind you while reversing is infinitely useful, and keeps you safer. We offer a variety of back-up cameras, including ones that display on your radio, or even in your rear-view mirror!

Window Tinting

The Florida sun is warm and bright, and while that leads to beautiful weather and scenery, it can be rough in the automotive world. Not only is your car interior scorching hot, but plastics can begin to fade, and it can be hard to see with no tint on your windows. Come on over to Spanos Motors to get your windows tinted, and ride in comfort no matter the brightness or heat.

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