Paint Correction and Restoration

Keeping Automotive Paint Clean can be a challenge, especially under the hot Florida sun. Over time, you may begin to notice fading, or even cracking in your paint and clearcoat. Luckily, Spanos Motors has the solution. Using Multi-Step Paint Correction, we can fully refresh the exterior finish of your car!

Common Paint Defects That Can Be Fixed With Paint Correction Include:
-Love Bug Damage
-Rain Spots
-Fallout Contaminants
-Swirl Marks
-Bird Dropping Stains
-Railroad Dust and Rust Particles

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About Paint Correction Process

There are several different levels of paint correction possible on a vehicle, and each one depends on the severity of the paint defects in question. Simpler corrections may only require a 1-2 stage buffing and polishing, while more serious scratches and clear coat damage may require a step further, which may include a 3-step paint correction, or, in serious cases, a full wet sanding before buff and polish. Given the nature of of the work involved, and our standard of perfecting your car, some of these processes may take some time, but rest assured, the end result will have your car back on the road looking its very best! Below there is a quick breakdown of some common damages on cars, and what process would be required to resolve the problem. 

1-3 Step Buff and Polish

Micro-Scratching of the Paint, Common Causes Include:

-Automatic Car Washes

-Dirty Wash Mitts

-Zippers on Clothing

-Wiping a Car not properly washed first with a dry rag/microfiber

Full Wet-Sand and Buff

For Deeper, More Serious Scratches and Defects, Common Causes Include:

-Bird Dropping Stains

-Keys (ex. if someone “keyed” your vehicle)

-Light impacts from an object (parking signs, garage walls, etc.)

-Scratches left from something like a shopping cart, or stroller

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