Bumper Repair

Restore Your Vehicle's Factory Appearance with Spanos Motors' Bumper Repair Services!

Bumper Damage is one of the most common cosmetic defects to find on a car. Maybe you accidentally pulled into a parking space or garage a bit too far, or perhaps someone backed up without looking in the parking lot. Whatever the reason may be, from dents and cracks, to impacts and gouges, there is nothing our Picasso's can't fix! Stop by today for a Free Estimate, and let Spanos handle all your Bumper Repair Needs!

Here Are Some Examples of Bumper Damage Repaired By Our Body Technicians!

Before Bumper Repair
After Bumper Repair

Before and After on a Beautiful Audi A4!

Before Porsche Bumper Repair
After Porsche Bumper Repair

Making a Porsche 911 Bumper Brand New Again!

Another Bumper Saved by Spanos Motors!

How to Tell if Your Bumper Needs Repaired or Replaced?

There are a lot of different ways for a bumper to get damaged, and many factors go into whether you need a replacement, or a simple repair and paint. From shopping carts to parking poles, or even fender benders, we have included a list below of some damages that can help you determine if you need a bumper repaired or replaced!

Repairable Bumper Damage

Many Factors Determine if your bumper needs repaired or replaced, and depending on the vehicle, this list may not hold true for your vehicle, but in most cases, this guide will give a good idea of fixable vs. not.

-Minor Impact Dents: Most Bumpers are plastic, and if you hit something at a slow speed, such as a parking pole, or other solid object, there is a good chance the damage can be undone with minor repairs. In best case, the dent will pop out, and additional damage can be buffed out. Worst case, there may be paint missing, requiring painting. 

-Cracked Lip Spoilers: In most cases, this type of damage can be repaired by plastic welding the back of the piece and repainting. Commonly this type of damage is caused by curbs or impact with objects low to the ground while driving. (excludes Carbon Fiber Pieces)

-Rock Chips: The most common type of damage that vehicles sustain is from rocks flying up, either from vehicles in front of you or unclean roads. Fortunately, this damage is the easiest to repair, usually by sanding and repainting the bumper.

Bumper Replacement Needed

Sometimes, damage to a bumper may be too severe to repair, and may require full replacement. Here are some examples of when you may need a bumper replacement.

-Major Impact Damage: If your bumper sustained heavy damage, and is no longer formed to the shape of the vehicle, it is very likely you need a replacement. If the clips no longer hold the bumper to the car, or there is serious cracking and deformity, you may be looking at a full bumper replacement. 

-Hanging or Missing Pieces: If your bumper is missing material, or parts are hanging off, there is a good chance it needs replaced. Often, since the bumper is plastic, a heavy impact may cause pieces to break off, and this is something that can only be repaired by a full bumper replacement.


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